Large Animal Services

Large Animal facilities:

Our fully equipped large animal  facility allow us to handle your large animal needs in a safe and efficient way. Our hydraulic chute facilitates the following services:

  • hydraulic tilt for foot work
  • Standard bovine processing
  • Calving area for specialized situations

Small Ruminant Animal:

Our facility allow us to care for your small ruminant animals as well as large ruminant.


We offer ultrasound technology that allow us to confirm pregnancy in bovine, equine, ovine and caprine. We also offer fetal sexing in bovine.

In House Lab:

Our in house lab allows us to make quick and precise diagnosis to help prolong the life and efficiency of your large animal herd. We have the ability to run different types of blood panels depending on that particular animals needs.

Digital Radiography:

Our digital radiograph allows us to take a clear and timely picture of your large animal allowing us to make accurate diagnosis.

Equine Facilities:

Our facility allow us to do an in depth examination of your animal while keeping the animal s safety in mind.

Equine Dental Hygiene:

We offer routine dental care for your equine companions as well as power dental hygiene. This allows us to set a good bit path and take off any sharp points.

  • Hand Float
  • Power Float