Online Pharmacy

Our online pharmacy option allows clients access to a variety of products. We can meet your pets needs, from diet and toys to parasite protection and lifetime medications. Your purchases will ship directly to your home keeping you and your furry friends happy and healthy.

Registrar with us by clicking the pharmacy below that matches your needs.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We have merged our pharmacies so that you can order products for small animal, Equine and Large animal in one place. Each Link below will send you to the same site. Starting October 8, 2020. For clients that are already registered you will be sent an email asking you to update your password and username for the new site.

Small Animal Needs

Click Here to visit My Vetstore Online.


Equine Needs

Click Here to visit My Pharmstore Online.


Large Animal Needs

Click Here to visit My  Equinestore Online.


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